Thursday 21 November 2013

The Trailer

Let me tell you about the trailer. My family got the trailer from another family, I remember them, but I don't know why we got the trailer. I was very young - a few years old probably.

The trailer was a little camper trailer - it used to be white - with a table in the middle that became a bed, a bed on each end, and a little kitchen set up across from the table and a little bathroom. It was fun at first to go camping, it had a green awning but it broke. It had two little steps that pulled out. We went camping in the trailer in Ontario, it was near my fifth birthday and I think we were travelling to Nova Scotia but I'm not sure. There were four kids then.

When we moved to Nova Scotia we lived in the camper in a camp ground at first. Then we lived in a rented house and my started homeschooling, I think with something called ace or a beka. Then we lived in the trailer in a little sandlot for a summer
(I am not completely sure of the order of all the houses), that's when my father got interested in fundamentalism. I don't know why and I don't know whose sandlot that was. I don't know why we moved to Nova Scotia either.

Then we lived in a house trailer in a trailer park and then a house my grandma owned, and then my father bought a property and we moved back into the trailer while a house trailer was set up with plumbing. There was no plumbing in the little trailer. There were five kids then. Then we moved into the house trailer. 

Then there were seven kids and a CAS investigation we moved to Ontario and the trailer came too. We moved a few more times in various rental properties and I don't know where the trailer was then. Then there was another CAS investigation so my parents bought a property with a house in a new community and the trailer appeared on the property. There were 8 kids then. 

My parents put it back behind the woods, and once we went "camping" as a family time there. Then there was another CAS investigation so my parents made us all move to the trailer except them so they could stay out the house and see if CAS came. I had to clean it because there were dead mice and dead flies and I hated it so my dad gave me gloves to touch the nice. They brought us food sometimes and came to stay for a few minutes and then went back to the house and I watched my siblings. I was 12.

Then the trailer came back to the house and it was for the boys to have camp outs if they wanted, especially when my cousins visited. Then there was another CAS investigation after I moved out when there were nine kids, and they made my father leave unless he promised not to hit the kids, so he left instead of promising that, and then he took the trailer and lived in it on sympathetic people's properties, and as far as I know he still lives in it. I haven't heard for a while. Usually in the winters some family or another makes their kids move into shared rooms together and moves him into their homes with their little kids into one of their children's rooms. 

If not he stays in the trailer. 


  1. What a mess. I can't understand your father's mindset. He apparently can't provide for his family. Dragging 9 other humans around from one flimsy temporary home to another has very little to do with being a father. Husband, maybe. The wife can always leave, but the kids can't. Just another example of religious people who do nothing to really help themselves or others, but spend their time pretending that their preferred brand of magic will fix everything.

    1. Thank you for your comment Vol-E. What you said is the very crux of child maltreatment versus spousal abuse: children do not have a choice in the matter.